18 12 / 2013


Biomedical Engineering

"I spent the Summer & Fall 2013 semesters living in Boulder, CO where I worked for Covidien, a global medical device company. I worked in new product development on electro-surgery tools. These instruments use bipolar energy to cut and coagulate tissue; today they are used in almost 80% of all surgical procedures.

As a member of an R&D team that was in early development stages I developed test methods for early design concepts. From there I created test fixtures using Pro-E and executed engineering protocols. My daily work consisted of creating new tests that examined the performance levels of different elements within a product. I regularly presented my findings to the tech team, which helped create the project’s long term testing plan.

One of the most influential contributions I made was conducting a cost-benefit analysis on a proposed change to one of Covidien’s existing platforms. I created an implementation proposal that included a thorough cost analysis as well as a detailed procedure of the projects execution. I presented my proposals to management where it influenced key organizational decisions. I enjoyed this project because it helped me see that engineering does not end when a product is developed. As an engineer you have to understand the process of implementation. I also found it really gratifying to see my work have a direct impact on the company.


Co-op has also shown me what kind of career I want and what type of company I’d enjoy being apart of. I have spent co-op rotations at a small family owned business of 200 employees as well as a global corporation with over 40,000 employees…  I now know what kind of work environment helps me thrive professionally.

Besides professional development co-op has given me one of the influential life experiences I have had thus far. As a west side Cincinnati native living in the Rocky Mountains for 8 months was a dramatic change and an adventure that I will never forget. I got to meet so many incredible people, hike to the top of a mountain, eat buffalo for the first time, and so many more experiences that could not have happened in Ohio. I learned more about myself through this journey than I could have ever imagined. I feel so fortunate that I was able to group the professional learning experience of co-op with this amazing life event.”

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Chemical Engineering/Psychology
"As a co-op for Marathon Petroleum Company, I worked to help optimize many different processes, from work flow practices, to gasoline blend recipes. I worked as a young professional, with the help of a mentor to complete "value add" tasks for the company each co-op term.
One of my favorite parts of my co-op experience was the ownership of projects. I was able to act as a young engineer, collect and analyze data, and make decisions on my own. Being able to witness and be a critical role in equipment failure, equipment replacement, and future preventative maintenance efforts, truly was exciting.

Being co-op so young was scary, you are thrust into a professional environment most haven’t seen.  I grew not only in my technical skills, but also in basic professional skills (speaking, presentation making, communication skills). Most of all I emerged with confidence that I had the schooling and basic professional skills to be a successful young professional upon graduation.
Having an office, dedicated to helping students find co-op and internship abilities is unique and awesome, take advantage of this huge opportunity, that students at other Universities do not have!”

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Bio Medical Engineering

My co-op was through the EEP (Experiential Exploration Program)  which allowed me to complete community service and count it as a co-op. This was an incredible way to spend a co-op and I would highly encourage it.  My experience was one of few independent international co-ops.  I volunteered with Vine International, a missions organization that ships and distributes donated medical supplies from the United States to Guatemala. While in Guatemala I repaired dysfunctional medical equipment and researched ways to improve the availability of quality medical equipment repair in third world settings.

I led a project to research methods of recharging the substrate in medical oxygen concentrators using only household supplies common to the third world. I also assisted in the repair of a surgical microscope which was then used to perform dozens of procedures by a traveling surgical team from the US the next week.


This co-op has probably been the single biggest career formative experience of my life. It showed me a way to combine my faith and passions for helping people and ministry with the engineering education I’m gaining here at UC. I know that I will be involved in medical mission work in my future in one way or another.

Co-op, if you take it seriously and put the thought and effort into it, can offer an invaluable way to experiment with combining passions and skills that can guide you towards a successful, meaningful career.

06 12 / 2013


Interior Design

Helix Architecture + Design is a firm located in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri who care a lot about their community and giving back to the city. You can see nearly 55 of Helix’s past and present projects from the front door of the office… One of my favorite things about the firm, apart from the close-knit friendly culture, is that they apply integrated design. Interior Designers and Architects work hand in hand all the way through a project to ensure consistency, quality, an awesome end result. As an interior design intern at the firm I have been blessed to acquire the trust and respect of my co-workers and with that many responsibilities that I have been asked to execute sometimes solo. The experiences I have gained are vast and plentiful. Beyond that the relationships I have formed and the network that I have built will only prove to be of great benefit to me in my future and for that I am extremely grateful and excited. It has fun and rewarding to be the first University of Cincinnati co-op to come to Kansas City.

This is the best program, hands down. You can’t beat it. You gain experience in the professional field, build your resume and portfolio, and it can help you pay for college. I have met so many extraordinary people with amazing talent that I would have never encountered by just going to school alone. This co-op and my co-ops to come are setting the stage for my future and preparing me for the practicalities that come with it. And, on top of that, UC has the best interior design program around and now even people in Kansas City are acknowledging and seeing first hand the effects of that. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else.

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"This semester, I fulfilled the role as The Academic Internship Program’s (AIP) Marketing Intern. AIP is housed in the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning, and offers experiential education courses that prepare students for and connect them with academic internship experiences. Through my internship I have been representing the AIP through tabling events on campus, as well as presenting in front of various classrooms to target undergraduate students to become aware of and join this specific program. I am also in charge of social media, and writing Student Spotlights that highlight notable internships students are placed in through AIP.

Through my internship, I have learned that I enjoy working for the Experiential Learning department at UC, and that I find great joy in empowering people my age to use their time in college as a way to prep for post grad opportunities. I think I would really like to work for a college after I graduate, whether it be through higher education or as an advisor. The professional education that I have gained through my time with AIP has been so rewarding and is definitely beneficial to my future goals.

Undergoing internships and co-ops in college is such an important part of a student’s educational journey, and the value that these experiences hold is extremely beneficial to being successful in the workforce. Make the most of these awesome programs that UC has to offer!”

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Graphic Communication Design

"I work for Christie’s Auction House in the New York office, where we are called "Junior Designers," which definitely sounds better than "Interns."

During my co-op I worked on several catalogs, from covers to text layout. I’ve done what’s called a vanity (a publication highlighting a specific work in the sale), doing all the layout and text styling. I’ve helped create exhibition materials, from massive window banners to simple lot cards.

'I think the biggest “win” would be the Edward Hopper vanity I helped design. I was so excited when I got a credit line in the back of the vanity!'

'It is really exciting to think that my name is out there with some publications for really important sales.'

This co-op has helped me gain a sense of independence, especially since I had to move away from anything and everything familiar to live in a major city. It’s an experience that I think every college student should have… Here in New York, I’m self-reliant. I’m responsible for essentially everything, and it’s really liberating. I’m excited to try out new cities through the program to see what else I can discover about myself.

My experience at Christie’s has really broadened my knowledge of the print design world. It’s helped me hone my typography skills and appreciate the details about a work and how everything works together to create a really inspiring experience for a user. Submitting work outside of the classroom has definitely boosted my self-confidence; I’ve learned how to create within a group and how to work with clients to respect their visions and not compromise my design.” 

05 12 / 2013

Chemical Engineering
"Co-op is the reason that I chose UC and turned out to be everything I expected. I have learned that co-op isn’t about finding a job, it’s about developing yourself and learning the most you can in your time as a professional. The ways that I’ve seen myself grow over the years, both personally and professionally have shown me that choosing UC was the right decision. I was giving opportunities to travel and work at a great company (that I actually signed full-time at in the end) and learn that my heart belongs in the chaos of a manufacturing cell.image
As a co-op I was able to work in the development lab at General Cables headquarters and 2 manufacturing facilities. In the development lab I worked on different compounding projects for the outer layer of datacom and specialty cables. I worked in the Lawrenceburg, KY and Franklin, MA manufacturing facilities after the lab. In Lawrenceburg I worked on telecommunication cable on 600+ deep burial telephone cable for 2 co-op terms. In Franklin I was treated as a full-time process engineer and did most of my work in the datacom cell working on product cost reduction projects and also had the opportunity to work on a speed project in the specialty cable manufacturing cell.
When I started as a Chemical Engineer I thought I always wanted to work in pharmaceuticals. Let’s be honest, there is nothing sexy about manufacturing cable. What I learned about myself is that I enjoy a fast paced environment where I can make an impact on a daily basis. Manufacturing offers this and I couldn’t imagine working professionally in any other setting. I have really had the chance to grow up as I was moved multiple times for work and have quickly developed into a young professional process engineer. Without co-op I might have taken a job in a lab or a development setting in a slower-paced environment. The coolest part about co-op is the opportunity to watch myself grow. I feel like over the course of 3 years I really blossomed and developed skills that will allow me to advance (such as presentation, six sigma application on a large scale, conversational and mentoring approaches). For me, co-op was an opportunity to advance myself and really learn what I wanted out of my life and without the experiences General Cable gave me I might not have seen this development. I know now as a senior there is nothing I want to do more than be on a production floor, talking to and learning from the associates that work the lines, and getting my hands dirty. I enjoy the fire fighting and the ways it helps me to quickly evaluate situations and solve problems. It’s something I really love to do and gets me out of bed in the morning knowing that I get to go and work in a little chaos, which for me is a little slice of heaven on earth.”

05 12 / 2013

Industrial Design - Marketing Minor

"I am a senior pursuing a BS in Industrial Design with a Minor in Marketing in the top ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). Past co-ops totaling almost 2 years of work experience include MeadWestvaco (Dayton, OH), The First Years (Boston, MA), Radio Flyer (Chicago, IL) Priority Designs (Columbus, OH), and Motorola Mobility, A Google Company (Sunnyvale/Silicon Valley, CA). At the present time I am working as an Industrial Design Co-op at the award winning creative agency New Deal Design (www.newdealdesign.com) in San Francisco, California.

New Deal Design was founded in 2000 with 100+ design awards under their belt.  NDD is one of the top 5 design teams in the country and among the very best in designing technology objects globally. They work with young start-ups to iconic global brands to deliver elegant, intuitive and impactful designs. Named ‘Master of Design’ in 2010 by Fast Company Magazine, Gadi Amit started New Deal to bring approachable design excellence to a wider audience and has become a leading design voice by working hands-on to forward this belief and craft objects that stand above the fray.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t reflect on how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to co-op with the companies I have. Each company has also helped me grow in more ways than I thought possible. The first several companies helped me learn about office culture and how to build good working habits that would carry on to even today. The later co-ops would help me hone in on my sketching and 3D modeling skills. With 7 co-ops down, I will graduate with about 2 years worth of work experience and several hundred work connections that are priceless. The co-op program has helped me learn more than I would have in the classroom while traveling the country expanding my knowledge.

Considering an internship or co-op position shouldn’t even be question, it’s a must! I cannot even begin to imagine where I would be without any one of my co-op experiences. Each co-op helped lead to the next, which helped lead to the next, and so on. Without my co-ops, I wouldn’t know where or how to even begin in the real world.”image