06 12 / 2013


Graphic Communication Design

"I work for Christie’s Auction House in the New York office, where we are called "Junior Designers," which definitely sounds better than "Interns."

During my co-op I worked on several catalogs, from covers to text layout. I’ve done what’s called a vanity (a publication highlighting a specific work in the sale), doing all the layout and text styling. I’ve helped create exhibition materials, from massive window banners to simple lot cards.

'I think the biggest “win” would be the Edward Hopper vanity I helped design. I was so excited when I got a credit line in the back of the vanity!'

'It is really exciting to think that my name is out there with some publications for really important sales.'

This co-op has helped me gain a sense of independence, especially since I had to move away from anything and everything familiar to live in a major city. It’s an experience that I think every college student should have… Here in New York, I’m self-reliant. I’m responsible for essentially everything, and it’s really liberating. I’m excited to try out new cities through the program to see what else I can discover about myself.

My experience at Christie’s has really broadened my knowledge of the print design world. It’s helped me hone my typography skills and appreciate the details about a work and how everything works together to create a really inspiring experience for a user. Submitting work outside of the classroom has definitely boosted my self-confidence; I’ve learned how to create within a group and how to work with clients to respect their visions and not compromise my design.” 

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